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‘Focus on creating a larger space. Be creative and innovative.’

With a small team of like-willed youngsters, Vivek G. Hiremath  is creating opportunities for underprivileged children to dream big.

Vivek G. Hiremath  has been working with children/people  since he was 18.  He was one of the youngest Entreprenuer promoting life skills training and developing other specific skill sets  in North Karnataka.

Kalaburagi born Vivek G. Hiremath  was 32 when he started G D Jnana Dasoha, an initiative to bring help the less privileged.

After working in training domain for various corporate and academic clients in different parts of the country, he realized what exactly is missing among north Karnataka students/people to flourish in their life.

In the year 2014 , Vivek along with Mr Vijay Singh Thakur formed a training and development company – V2 Skill Enhancement and Resource centre,at Kalaburgi to serve and support people of north Karnataka with customized training solutions.

In the mean time, the idea came to him when a training event organized for Govt. PU college was cancelled due to money factor, It was disheartening and knowing that Good quality education is the foundation for dynamic and equitable societies .

 I decided I would work for them and promised myself that no child would be called ‘underprivileged’ anymore,” the 32-year-old says.

In 2018, Vivek started G D Jnana Dasoha with the support of family and   friends who volunteered to educate and spend time with the less privileged.

In 2018, registered  a trust in the name of his father, as Gangadhar Educational and Charitable Trust, under the trust G D Jnana Dasoha started conducting various training programs for all the Government college students, job seekers, and other people. In one year, Vivek and his team of volunteers have worked with over 6000 students/people  in North Karnataka.

Holding an MBA in H R , Vivek continues to nurture his non-profit organization, — without any expectations of rewards or monetary benefits — is working to change the lives of less privileged children.

Vivek says, my learnings as a social entrepreneur.

I have become a better human being.

I have learned that:You are never too young to do social work.

You don’t require to have money to create an impact in someone’s life.

Stay positive and chase your dreams. Things will fall into place automatically.

And even encourage other youngsters to know that they should stop treating social work as a way to gather fame or external validation.

Social work is not about randomly distributing books and food to any poor person you know.

Invest thought before you start. Once you start doing it, I am sure you will excel as a person.

Focus on creating a larger space. Be creative and innovative.

Just believe in what you want to do. It’s okay to not have a plan. But channelize yourself in the right way.

Don’t just see dreams, chase them.

Don’t wait for the right opportunity. The right moment is the moment you have an idea.                                                   

  —–Ashok  Kantikar