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Greetings from  G D Jnana Dasoha!!

Ganga  Dhara Jnana Dasoha(G D Jnana dasoha )is a social training and placement organization. we work with the  poorest children and young people, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods. 

Vision: All people of  Kalyan Karnataka, regardless of their social and economic status, receive a high quality education and skill sets that prepare them to be responsible, productive and happy citizens.

of The People,

By The People,                     Kalyan Karnataka (H.K.Region)

For The People of

Why we are doing this:

“Good quality education is the foundation for dynamic and equitable societies”  -Desmond tutu

    Education is the backbone of every society in this world, and in countries like India what matters most is the quality of education – a dream of many Most of our Students/people fail to know their  core competency and to get motivation to succeed  in their school/college life.

   Resulting in college dropouts, struck in wrong   stream, lack of enthusiasm in studies and later in career.

Another major issue with education system is lack of life skills training. Which is very essential in developing EQ(emotional quotient) of a student.

                         Good grades and  technical expertise not enough. Campus recruiters are looking for “soft skills,” such as ability to communicate well, work in teams, and lead others.

India as a fastest growing economy , youngest nation , with 50% people below age of 35 is the 2nd most populated country in the world , with over 1.25 billion population ,unemployed graduates ,10th & 12th dropouts  & disguise employment also contribute to high community unrest and dissatisfaction amongst people in the country. With growing dreams and aspirations and no way to meet those, result in frustration ,disturbed families and high crime rates.

With increasing unemployment and widening gap between available skills Vs skills needed by the industry and corporate, jobs specific  complete training is the only solution. We assess, train people in employment oriented skills, offer  them soft skills and life skills with the help of technology, classroom training, Role plays ,activities, documentaries, expert sessions, inspiring videos, mock exercises, events, real time perform and learn etc.